My routine: 

1. Dump solids in the toilet and rinse diaper off with Sprayer. If its a really big mess I use the Spray-Pal shield. Place diaper in a small pail in bathroom since its easiest being a very wet diaper. Regular wet diapers at the change table go in a pail at the changing table.

2. Wash day in the machine is about every two days. I place a large towel in the machine with the diapers as someone told me that trick to help get a good level of water in there with the diapers. Do a cold rinse.

3. Wash diapers with detergent in warm/ hot water. (fragrance free and no softeners) I tried many different brands of detergent before I found what worked best for us. There are various opinions out there .

4. Rise in warm water.

5. Dry diapers in machine on regular setting or line dry in the sun.

Caring for your cloth diapers and other items takes a little extra time, but YOU CAN do it! All you need is a few tools to help you: 

My first recommendation is to purchase a diaper sprayer. 

Mine has a stainless steel looking handle and a hose that hooks to the back of the toilet. It uses the water going to the toilet and it's water pressure to give a very nice power spray. You can do this without a sprayer by dunking your diaper over and over, but why go through all of that when you can have the water pressure helping you clean it off much easier and quicker! 

[A great side note here, this sprayer comes in handy when any or all of the kids become sick in the middle of the night and all the sheets need to be sprayed off and thrown in the tub until morning... life saver in that situation, really.]

I use the diaper sprayer soon after I have changed the baby, and place the sprayed diaper in a temporary container until you either move it to a lined diaper pail or wash it with other laundry in the washing machine.

My second big recommendation is to have a SPRAY-PAL shield, especially for the biggest messes.

This is an awesome tool that will contain any water spray you are making with the diaper sprayer. It also folds and has a clip on it to keep the diaper in place as you spray.


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